3 Things to Look for in a Bus Tour Company

When it comes to vacation planning, many folks opt to leave it in the hands of a bus tour company. Bus tour operators not only save tourists time and effort, but they often know better which tourist attractions and destinations should be included in a tour. Save yourself from the stresses of organizing a tour or putting together an itinerary; make sure to check for these three things when looking for a bus tour company:

1. Hotel accommodation – Does the bus tour company provide hotel accommodation throughout the entire duration of the tour? If so, at which hotels, and is this included in the tour fee? One of the benefits of organized tours is that bus tour companies often get better prices from partner establishments such as hotels, which may translate to better deals for tourists. When negotiating prices or looking for hotel bargains isn’t your strongest point, it’s best to go with a bus tour company that can handle this for you.

2. Airport and bus transportation – If you’re flying in for an organized tour, the last thing you want is to get lost and get left behind. Therefore, it pays to ask if the bus tour company provides airport transportation both on your first and last day of the tour. It’s a bonus if they offer airport transportation on your departure day. Some bus tour companies may have a pick-up point, but not necessarily at the airport, so be sure to ask the bus tour company about what’s included in the tour.

As for bus transportation, some important questions to ask is whether the buses are air-conditioned, or what amenities are available, such as free Wi-Fi and extra legroom. The point is to have a comfortable, smooth experience.

3. Bilingual tour guides – Finally, if you’re a foreigner, look for a bus tour company that has bilingual tour guides that speak your native language. Here at E-World Tours, we have bilingual tour guides that speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. This is so you can understand what the tour guides are saying; their spiels and commentaries about the city or the tourist attraction. On occasion, the tour guide may also have important reminders and announcements which you need to pay attention to.

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