Haven’t been to Cuba? Join us for a fun-filled 8-day tour!

Tinma Tours has immensely enjoyed hosting the tours to Cuba. The tour is rich in history and culture, and offers a balanced blend of sightseeing, relaxation and entertainment. Valadero, Cuba is one of the best kept secrets as the ultimate relaxing vacation destination. It has nearly 14 miles of pristine white sand beaches, and its turquoise waters are so clear it feels like a movie. If you love marine life, Varadero has a seemingly endless coral reef with plenty to enjoy while snorkeling through it’s clear water. It is said, “you can spend a lifetime snorkeling Varadero and never see everything”. For scuba divers who want to explore more challenging reefs, Coral Beach and Playa Coral are just 25 minutes away. These spots have some of the most spectacular marine wildlife in the world. There are several marinas in Varadero that offer excursions to catch fresh lobsters right from the ocean. From golf resorts and underwater parks to nightlife and top-notch restaurants, it’s no wonder Varadero remains one of the most enjoyable vacation resorts in the Caribbean.