2-day Boston Tour from New York: A Rich Immersion in American History

Learn about the Siege of Boston, considered as the “opening scene’ of the American Revolutionary War, as well as the rich and colorful stories that surround Boston’s famous historical landmarks to experience a different kind of cultural immersion. Experience these and more when you join Tinma Travel and Tours on a 2-day Boston tour from New York.

Do you love American History? Are you keen on exploring places where actual events that shaped the country’s history happened? If you answered yes, then a 2-day Boston tour from New York is for you. The tour includes the famous Boston Duck Tour, where tourists will cruise by some of the city’s most famous historical landmarks and cultural attractions onboard the “DUCK,” a World War II-style amphibious landing vehicle.

Here are some of the famous landmarks you’ll get to see:

Old State House

The Old State House is located between Washington and State streets. Constructed in 1713, it is considered as one of the oldest public structures in the U.S. The “Incident on King Street” happened in 1770 in front of the building. Historically referred to as the Boston Massacre, the incident took place on March 5, 1770. Soldiers of the British Army fatally shot five people during a confrontation with some of the locals. The Old State House is more popularly known for being the site where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed by Col. Thomas Crafts on the 18th of July, 1776.

Today, the Old State House serves as a history museum.

Faneuil Hall

Another highlight of your 2-day Boston tour from New York is a visit to Faneuil Hall. The hall was constructed during the 18th century, sometime between 1740 and 1742 to serve as a market house; a gift to Boston by wealthy American slave trader Peter Faneuil. In 1761, the building was ravaged by fire. The following year, it was reconstructed. When the British troops came, the hall was used as a theater.

The hall was the site of the famous “Cradle of Liberty” speech delivered by one of Boston’s first black Republican legislators Julius Caesar Chappelle. Chappelle made the speech to show his support for the Federal Elections bill, which would allow African-Americans to vote.

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The hall also served as a platform for several other politicians to deliver their speeches. Of note are President Barack Obama’s speech to defend the Affordable Care Act in 2013, and Senator John Kerry’s concession speech on November 3, 2004, after the presidential election.

Other landmarks and attractions that you will get to visit during the Boston Duck Tour leg of your 2- day Boston tour from New York include Quincy Market (near Faneuil Hall), Prudential Tower, State House, Bunker Hill, MIT, and Trinity Church (also known as the Church of Boston).

The 2-day Boston tour from New York is just one of the many East Coast tour packages that Tinma Travel and Tours offers. For questions or inquiries about their East Coast and West Coast tours, please feel free to leave a message here.