Going on a Philadelphia Bus Tour? Here are 11 Amazing Facts About the City

One of the U.S. largest and most populous cities, Philadelphia also happens to be a popular tourist destination. Our very own Philadelphia bus tour brings multitudes of people to the city every year.

If you’ve never been to Philly – as its citizens lovingly call it – you might be in for a shock. Rich in history and culture, the city offers something to see, do, and learn at almost every turn. For this reason,wed like to share with you some of our favorite facts about the City of Brotherly Love.

  • Previously known as the Pennsylvania State House, the historic Independence Hall is one of the Philadelphia bus tours main destinations. Independence Hall was where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and where George Washington was later appointed the Continental Army’s Commander-in-Chief.
  • The Liberty Bell, which our Philadelphia bus tour also visits, is an important symbol of American independence. It was originally used to warn citizens of civic danger. While it previously hanged in the Pennsylvania State Houses steeple, it is now located at the Liberty Bell Center near the Independence Hall.
  • Philadelphia is home to many U.S. firsts, including the first zoo, hospital, medical school, business school, library, stock exchange, and U.S. Mint. In 1784, it became the birthplace of the Pennsylvania Packet, the first daily newspaper in the country. In 1946, the first electronic computer, ENIAC, was formally dedicated at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Beer was the main trade of the citys first business when William Frampton founded the Philadelphia Brewing Company in 1683. By 1793, the city was the country’s top beer producer.
  • To combat graffiti in the 1980s, the city initiated a Mural Arts Program. Thanks to this, the city is now the “mural capital of the U.S.,” with more than 3,000 colorful murals decorating its many structures. You’ll have the pleasure of viewing these works of art on a Philadelphia bus tour.
  • In 1988, the Philadelphia Eagles football team helped create a cheesesteak of a football field, making it the largest sandwich the world has ever known. Today, the city is obsessed with cheesesteaks, and you’ll find countless establishments whose specialty is the sandwich.
  • The city plays host to the Wing Bowl, an annual Buffalo wing eating contest that started in 1993. It’s usually held days ahead of the Super bowl and draws crowds in their tens of thousands.
  • Fairmount Park, which at 9,200 acres makes it the biggest municipal park system in the U.S., can be found in Philadelphia. Even Portlands 5,172-acre Forest Park pales in comparison.
  • Making their home in Philadelphia are large populations of Irish and Italian Americans, whose ancestors immigrated to the city.
  • Philadelphia is said to have the most haunted houses in the U.S.
  • Many cities on the east coast, including New York City and Washington, D.C., are within 5 hours of the city, making Philadelphia a bus tour away from 25% of the country’s population.

With so much to offer, Philadelphia is a beautiful city that everyone should explore at least once in their lifetime. For more on information about our Philadelphia bus tour, make sure to contact us and bookmark EWorldTours.com!