Fun Things to Do at Four Exciting Places Boston Bus Tours Visit

Boasting great cuisine, renowned institutions of learning, and wonderful culture, interest in Boston as a tourist destination remains high. It’s a good thing many Boston bus tour packages grant people the opportunity to explore the metropolis, as there is no doubt a journey across one of the United States most diverse and populous cities will prove memorable.

But what, exactly, makes Bostons landmarks such exciting places to visit? To answer this question,we’ve highlighted the fun things you can do in some of the city’s most popular locations.

1. Quincy Market

If you are in the mood for good food, shopping, and amazing street performances, be sure to check out Quincy Market.

This enormous, historic market is a U.S. National Historic Landmark – meaning its one of the most important structures in the country. Its construction in the 1820s led to a significant increase in shop space, enhancing commerce and allowing Boston to grow from a fledgling community to a bustling metropolis. Today, it boasts many great restaurants, eateries, and shops selling everything from branded clothes to souvenirs such as locally made artisan crafts.

As a bonus, the market is near another National Historic Landmark: Faneuil Hall. This is why Quincy Market is often a part of the best Boston bus tour packages!

2. Trinity Church

The stunning Trinity Church is a masterpiece of architecture and art, which is why its also a U.S.National Historic Landmark.

Not only do beautiful murals cover more than 21,500 square feet of the church’s interior, its stained-glass windows are also known for their dazzling depictions of Biblical stories and personalities. In addition, the church houses the sculptures and artwork of esteemed artists. If you are an art aficionado,make sure to choose any one of the Boston bus tour packages that includes the Trinity Church in its itinerary.

3. New England Aquarium

The best Boston bus tour packages make it a point not to ignore the New England Aquarium, a trip to which any animal lover would appreciate.

As a leader in marine conservation and ocean exploration, the aquarium serves not only to entertain but also to educate. Each year, its exhibits introduce millions of visitors to a rich variety of aquatic life, including lion fish, leafy sea dragons, sea lions, sharks, octopus, and more. There are even programs that allow you to feed a sea turtle, play with friendly seals, and learn how the aquarium is managed.

4. Boston Science Museum

Science enthusiasts will love the Boston Science Museum – one of the best science and natural history museums in the U.S.

The museum boasts an impressive array of exhibits, which allow visitors to see numerous animal species, dinosaur fossils and models, optical illusions, rocks, and others. It also lets people explore the science behind light, our human senses, space and moon missions, modern transport, energy, and more. There is even a section that brings out the fun side of mathematics!

The above list is by no means complete. With a nice selection of Boston bus tour packages to choose from, however, you can visit many of the city’s other unforgettable landmarks, including Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Massachusetts State House.

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