11 Days Northern Europe Aurora Tour

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11 Days

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Day 1
New York - Rovaniemi (1/11)

Meet up tour guide at TinMa office and transfer to the New York airport. You can enjoy the luxury services from the airline, enjoy the movies or take a rest for the upcoming trip.

Day 2
Arrives in Rovaniemi (Finland) (1/12)

We will take a plane arrives in the capital of Finland- Helsinki, then transit to the Rovaniemi with full of happiness and expectation. 

Lunch: X  Dinner: Hotel Dinner

Day 3
Rovaniemi - Kemi (Finland) (1/13)

After breakfast, proceed to the typical Arctic city - Kemi, just over an hour's drive from the Arctic Circle. The long night of winter, magnificent aurora and the sky flashing stars, constitute a barbaric and beautiful polar scenery. Will allow you to find the happiness in the ice and snow, in the cold and long night to learn the tough, but also learned how to create a romantic. After arriving in Kemi, visitors boarded to the Sampo Icebreaker: you can first listen to a brief description of the icebreaker, then someone will visit with a huge engine room and bridge. Warm and comfortable restaurant on the boat for tourists, prepared dishes delicacies. When the depth of the largest ice in the sea in Europe, the tourists can also jump, floating in the cold ice sea! Of course, the Sampo is equipped with a warm lifejacket, so that visitors do not feel cold. Catch any time there may be the northern lights, looking for beautiful bright aurora.

Breakfast: hotel breakfast  Lunch: Icebreaker buffet*  Dinner: local restaurant

**Admission: The Sampo icebreaker+Icebreaker buffet:USD 450

Day 4
Kemi - Rovaniemi (Finland) (1/14)

After breakfast, proceed to Rovaniemi and visit the reindeer farm to see how the Sami rearing reindeer can also experience reindeer sledding and other snow projects. Reindeer field, reindeer is the favorite animal of the Sami and the very important means of transport in the polar area. The professional guide takes you to the reindeer field and can experience the feeding of the reindeer and the pictures of these Lapland elves. You can also experience reindeer sledding. We prepare delicious refreshments, and coffee to experience Lapland's casual life. There are a variety of activities: snow walking, skiing, snowmobiles, reindeer sledding, dog sledding, ice karting and so on. Catch at any time there may be the northern lights, looking for beautiful bright aurora.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast   Lunch: Local Food  Dinner: Reindeer Dinner

** Admission: Reindeer Sled: USD 280 / person

Day 5
Rovaniemi - Helsinki (Finland) (1/15)

After breakfast, travel to Santa Claus's hometown - Rovaniemi, an endless stream of tourists from all over the world to see the style of Santa Claus. In Santa Claus you can also take a trip to the Arctic Circle to start our trip to the Northern Lights. High-frequency northern lights are present in the north of the Arctic Circle from mid-September to mid-April. Visit the Santa Claus Village, Santa Claus Village located on the Arctic Circle 8 km north from Rovaniemi. It is a group of wood complexes including a spire with a main entrance, a restaurant, flower garden, Santa Claus office, residence, post office, gift shop , Elk park and so on. Every year a lots of tourists will come and visits the mystic  of Santa Claus. Santa Claus post office, where there are full of fairy tale stamps, greeting cards and gifts, you can also personally meet and take pictures of Santa Claus. All the letters sent from here will be stamped with the Postmark of the Arctic Santa Claus post office. You can also book a letter signed by Santa Claus at the post office, and send it to friends and family at Christmas, and bring surprises to them! Santa Claus office, located in the village of Santa Ría Nemi Santa Claus. Here we can meet Santa Claus and ask him all kinds of questions. Every year Christmas has many parents come with children, Santa Claus will be patient to answer the questions of the children and talk to them all kinds of stories. Not only is Christmas, even when there are usually a lot of tourists every day, because they believe that this is a fairy tale to become a reality. Travel by night to Helsinki.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast   Lunch: Steak   Dinner: Local Food

Day 6
Helsinki - Stockholm (Sweden) (1/16)

After breakfast, visit the capital of the Baltic Sea known as the Finnish capital of Helsinki, visit the Nordic largest Orthodox church - Uppspanky Church, Uboneski Cathedral was built in 1862 to 1868 years, the appearance of the golden green dome and red brick The walls are striking and have Russian architectural style. The color and style of the church are filled with mysterious colors. The vaulted vaults and granite pillars are two of the features of the Uboneski Cathedral. The interior paintings of the church are made by Russian painters, preserving the artistic style of the traditional Orthodox Church. Visit the iconic building of the city of Helsinki - the main church, all of the rocky churches built with rock, its appearance completely subvert the concept of the church, looks like a landing saucer, the entrance is like a tunnel mouth. More than 200 architectural magazines are not hesitate to praise it. After going to Parliament Square, the Great Church, and Sibelius Park, Finland's great composer Sibelius is the founder and distinguished representative of the Finnish national music school, the Finns as the father of music.Take a luxury cruise ship to Stockholm, Sweden. Along the way to embrace the fascinating scenery of the two half-way islands, enjoy the boat on the very exotic nightlife. There are diaperics, swimming pools, casinos, dance halls, bars and restaurants on the cruise ship. The facilities are luxurious and the program is rich and the carnival is full of fun.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast   Lunch: Local Food    Dinner: Cruise Buffet

Day 7
Stockholm - Karlstad (Sweden) (1/17)

Stockholm City Sightseeing: Visit the City Hall of the Nobel Dinner at the Art Deco, tour the Vasa Battleship Museum, the appearance of the Royal Palace. The City Hall is the landmark of Stockholm, built by architect Ragnar Ostberg between 1911 and 1923. It used a total of 8 million pieces of red brick and 19 million mosaic tiles, the size of the grand. One of the Blue Hall is the largest hall of the City Hall, is also held at the Nobel Prize dinner place. The city hall tower can be panoramic view of Stockholm. The Vaasa Shipwreck Museum is located on the island of the zoo and displays the shipwreck Vasa - the world's only well-preserved 17th century wreck. The Maritime Museum is one of the most popular museums in Scandinavia, where all the precious collections are salvaged from the sea. Stockholm Palace, the Swedish palace, its history began in the Middle Ages, the first is a military fortress, the late 17th century through the gradual transformation, expansion, became today's palace. Here is the king's office and held a celebration of the place, is the main tourist attractions in Stockholm. 

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast  Lunch: Local Restaurant  Dinner: Swedish Meatball Meal

Day 8
Karlstad - Oslo (Norway) (1/18)

After breakfast, proceed to the Norwegian capital Oslo, downtown sightseeing: stroll through the famous commercial street Karl Jazz Avenue, visit the Oslo Cathedral, the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the City Hall, one of the most famous landmarks of the Norwegian palace (facade) , Visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park in the lifelike bronze and granite statue of the works, the park exhibited the Norwegian statue of Gustav Vigeland 212 statue works. The statue of the park concentrates on the theme of "life and death", starting from the baby, through childhood, juvenile, youth, middle age, old age, until death, reflecting the whole process of life, thought-provoking. Among the many sculptures are the most famous "Sinnataggen" (Sinnataggen) and the big pillars (The Monolith). Giant stone pillar is very conspicuous, full of 14 meters high, stone carved a total of 121 characters. As for the "angry boy", located on the left side of the bridge to the giant stone pillars, do not pay attention is easy to miss.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast  Lunch: Local Food  Dinner: Western Meal

Day 9
Oslo - Reykjavik (Iceland) (1/19)

After breakfast, fly to Reykjavik to reach the famous geothermal [hot spring blue lagoon*], (tips: please bring a good swimwear and a large bath towel or bathrobe, heart disease hypertensive patients with caution) the lake spa contains a lot of the minerals, beauty, the effect of physical therapy, perennial tourists continue, the hills on the Icelandic father of the statue of Sigson. The color of its hot spring water as if in the sea to stir the milk, fantasy exception, blue spring surrounded by volcanic lava, pure natural immersion waiting for your visit. In the blue lagoon enjoy a quiet moment, or in the lava and hot spring water blend of refined land for an unforgettable geothermal spa. Blue Lake's warm water and natural active ingredients - mineral salts, silicon dioxide and blue-green algae - can help you relieve fatigue, while the blue lake of white silicified mud can gently clean the skin, remove the dead skin. Mineral salt can also balance and relax. At night to capture the possibility of the Northern Lights at any time, looking for beautiful bright aurora.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast  Lunch: Local Food  Dinner: salmon special meal

** Admission: Blue Lagoon: USD 140 / person

Day 10
Reykjavik (Iceland) (1/20)

After breakfast, the essence of the trip to Iceland - Golden Circle, which contains three famous attractions, these spots scattered on a ring road, so called "golden circle". Visiting the site of the congress is one of the most prestigious destinations in Iceland and is also the cradle of the country and the beautiful Tienin Lake. As one of the must-see destinations in Iceland, the golden waterfall. Waterfall magnificent, spectacular scenery, rapid flow of water to take advantage of the situation, the drop of more than 50 meters, issued a deafening roar. The sun, in the transpiration of the mist, covered with flashing little bit of water droplets, bright rainbow looming, as if the whole waterfall is made with gold. Intermittent fountain that is the most famous Seychelles fountain, Icelandic meaning for the spring, the highest water level in all Iceland fountain and intermittent fountain, and thus become one of the world's leading geyser. You can see the entire eruption process from the spout, especially before the eruption, boiling water and forming a bowl, and then the middle of the water column into the steam straight up to about 20 meters high. At night to capture the possibility of the Northern Lights at any time, looking for beautiful bright aurora.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast  Lunch: Icelandic Glue Ginseng  Dinner: Local Food

Day 11
Reykjavik (Iceland) - New York (1/21)

Transfer to Airport after breakfast and fly back to New York. End of 11days Aurora Tour! 

Departure Time and Locations:

09:00 p.m. 48 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

09:30 p.m. 39-10 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354

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