Advanced Booking - How much time in advance can I book a tour?

You can book a tour up to one year in advance of the tour departure date on our website.  We recommend you book your tours as early as possible so that you will be guaranteed your desired seats on the bus on your preferred travel dates.


Seat Availability - How do I know if seats are available on a tour?

Our website automatically checks seat availability for the tours operated by E-World Tours when you book online, and we have reserved seats on tours operated by other tour companies. In most cases if you can book a tour successfully online, seats are generally available. If you need to book flight tickets to join our tours, we would advise you to wait to receive tour confirmation from us before booking your flight. 


Booking and Confirmation – What is the process of booking a tour online?

When you complete a tour booking on-line, your payment receipt will be sent to you via email immediately. Then typically within 24 hours of completing your booking, a notification email will be sent to you with assigned bus and seat numbers to confirm your booking, or in rare cases to inform you the tour you booked is sold out.  In the case the tour you booked is sold out, we will contact you and help you to find another tour that best suits your needs.

For more details, please refer to "Booking Procedure" section in the "User Agreement".


Booked Tours – How can I check my booked tours online?

If you have created an account with us before booking a tour, please Sign In and select “My Orders” under your name on the webpage to view your booking.  If you booked a tour without creating an account, please click “Already Booked?” at the top of the webpage and enter your order ID to view your booking.


Website Booking Issues – What to do if I cannot complete my booking online?

If you get unexpected warning messages after you filled out all the required information on the website, or cannot proceed to next step of booking process for some other reason,  please clear your browser data and try again (reference your browser's help menu if you are not sure how to do it). Or you can use a different web browser.  If you continue to encounter difficulty even after above steps, please contact us via "Contact Us" link. 

Cancellation and Refund – What is your cancellation and refund policy?

90% refund for cancellations made 15 days before departure date;

75% refund for cancellations made 8-14 days before departure date;

50% refund for cancellations made 4-7 days before departure date;

No refund for cancellations made 3 days prior to departure date or "No Show" on the day of tour. No refund or reimbursement for leaving the tour group after the tour starts, or voluntarily giving up of tour or accommodations, including denied or refused entry into destination country.

For  more details, please refer to "Tour Cancellation" section in our "Terms & Conditions".


Travel Document – What do I need to visit Canada?

Please check for the latest information on required travel documents to visit Canada on Government of Canada office website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/tourist.asp.


Skipping Optional Attractions – What happens if I choose not to join an optional attraction?

We encourage customers to join the optional attractions to enjoy the full experience of the tour destination.  If you do not wish to participate in the optional attractions, you will generally to be asked to meet up with the rest of the group after they have completed the optional attractions and then continue on with the tour.


Airport Transfers – Are airport transfers included in the tour package?

Some tours include airport transfers.  Please refer to the detailed information on each tour.  For the tours that include airport transfers, it is only free if you arrive at the airport on the specific tour start date, and depart from the airport on the specific tour end date.  If you arrive on an earlier date or depart on a later date, airport transfers may incur additional cost.  Please contact Customer Service for specific details.


Parking - Is there parking available at departure locations?

It varies by departure locations.  There is street parking or public parking available near most of the departure locations.  Please research parking options near departure locations listed in the tour details for each tour beforehand.


Hotel Room Capacity - How many people are allowed per hotel room?

In most cases rooms in hotels can accommodate up to four guests per room (including infants). Double, triple, and quad rooms will have two double beds.


Extend Hotel Stay – Can I extend my hotel stay on the tour?

Unfortunately, hotel stays at each tour destination normally cannot be changed.  We advise you to consider your tour options carefully as there are a wide range of options for different lengths of stay at each destination. For some cases you may be able to check in a day earlier at the hotel of the first day of the tour, or extend the hotel stay at the last destination of the tour, if the hotel room is available. You will need to discuss with our customer services after you book the tour online. 


Online Credit Card Security - Is your credit card information safe?

All credit card transactions are processed through a highly secure and encrypted system operated by a leading global credit card processing company.  E-World Tours DOES NOT STORE customers` credit card numbers in any of our systems.